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Creating groups will allow you to divide your customers according to different criteria and to assign specific parameters to them.

What is covered in this article:

  1. Group Creation

  2. Group Parameters

  3. Adding/removing clients to groups

Group Creation

Step 1: Navigate to the "Groups" tab in the menu and select "Create"

menu groups


Step 2: Enter a name and select a identifying colour.

Step 3: Proceed to setting the groups parameters.

Group Parameters

Parameter of the created group will define unique actions and interactions between your clients. 

  1. Discount: A discount percentage that is applied globally to every transaction that grouped client makes.

  2. Minimum Count: Minimum purchase quantity per order for that group of clients.

  3. Minimum Value: Minimum monetary value that has to be spent in so that and order can be placed.

  4. Taxes: Wether or not this group is exempt of taxes.

  5. Deposits: Wether or not this group is exempt of Deposits.

  6. New Order Comment: A message that is displayed before the client completes a new order. 

  7. Order Details note: A Message that displays after a new order has be submitted.

  8. Orders editable: Allow client to append their cart to an existing order if it matches the selected state.

  9. Automatic orders approval: Allows an order to be accepted and processed passively without need of manual approval.

  10. Automatic orders invoicing: Allows an invoicing to be processed and sent passively without need of manual intervention.

  11. Invoice editable: A message that is displayed when the client receives and opens a new invoice. 

  12.  Payment method: Choose between "Net 15", "Net 30", "Net 45", "Net 60", "Upon receipt" or "Other". If you choose "Other", you will need to enter your payment method manually.

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