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Set up your PivoHub Account

Account and notifications [user]

The "Accounts and Notifications" section on PivoHub is designed to manage your account details and notification settings. Here, you can take various actions to ensure you stay informed and in control of your activities on PivoHub. You can find it in the right side menu.

Your settings

  • General : Update your personal information such as email and your name.

  • Change Password: Easily update your password to maintain the security of your account.

Notification Settings

In this section, decide how you want PivoHub to interact with you: in-app notifications (bell icon at the top right) or via email.

  • In-App Notifications: Enable or disable notifications for various events directly within the PivoHub application.

  • Email Notifications: Manage email alerts for important updates such as order statuses, new invoices, and messages from your partners.

  • Customize Notifications: Choose specific types of notifications you want to receive to avoid unnecessary alerts and focus on what matters.

Order and Stock Updates

  • Pending Orders: Receive notifications for orders pending approval or requiring action.

  • Approved/Cancelled Orders: Stay informed about approved or cancelled orders to track your transactions.

  • Stock Transfers: Get alerts about stock transfers, including pending, completed, or cancelled transfers.

Message Alerts

  • Order Messages: Stay informed about messages related to your orders.

  • Business Messages: Receive important communications from your suppliers or distributors.

  • Accounting Messages: Stay informed about financial transactions and new invoices.

Change Language

In the right menu, you will find a "Languages" button that allows you to easily switch languages and unit systems.

Company Settings

By using this section, you can ensure that all relevant information about your company is correctly configured and updated, thus facilitating the management of relationships with your partners and clients. For more detailed information, refer to the PivoHub documentation or contact support at

Establishment Information

  • Establishment Number: Display and manage your company's establishment number, if applicable.

  • On-Premise Consumption (OPC): Indicate whether your company offers on-premise consumption services (bar, terrace, restaurant, etc.) by checking the appropriate box.

Company Details

  • Company Name: Update your company name.

    • Group Name: If your company is part of a chain, enter the group name. This will appear on invoices.

    • Website URL: Add or update your website URL to help partners and customers find you online.

    • Contact Email: Update your company's outward-facing contact email address.

    • Phone Number: Enter your company's phone number to facilitate communication with partners.

    • Contact Name: Add the name of the person to contact at your company.

Company Address

  • Address: Enter your company's main address. Ensure this information is up to date for deliveries and correspondence.

    • Address 2: Add additional information to your main address, if necessary.

    • City: Specify the city where your company is located.

    • Postal Code: Add your company's postal code.

    • Country: Select the country where your company is located.

    • Province: Select the province where your company is located.

Shipping Address

  • Delivery Information: Add specific instructions for the delivery of your products.

    • Shipping address same as main address: Check this box if your shipping address is the same as your main address.

Some information found in your account settings is there for legal reasons. The accuracy of this information is therefore very important.

Step 1: Go to the Settings page.

Step 2: From this page, you can add and modify your company's contact and billing information. You can also add task types to your team.

Step 3: Once your information is updated, click on the Save button.

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