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Sales Rules

The Sales Rules module centralizes all your pricing modifiers into a single place.


1. A name is attributed to the sales rule to identify it. It will not be displayed to the applied products/clients.

2.Range: A sales rules has the option to list indefinitely or only be active during a desired period. Ex: Summer sale or a discounted item to empty to deplete inventory.

Audience & Products


Sales Rules are applied to selected products/catalogues and audiences/groups. You can select the desired products that will be affected or the rules and select the individuals and visible exclusively to the clients. Alternatively, a sales rule can be applied to all the products and/or clients.

Discounts & Price Override

  1. Price Override: Used to rewrite the price and sets it statically. The desired products' price can be modified with either a percentage, dollar amount or a new static price. The desired override can either increase or decrease the price based on on the modifier used (+ / -)

  2. Discount: They are applied with a percentage or a dollar amount. The discount can be applied to a specific quantity.

    1. All units

    2. To every unit past the inputed amount of units
      Buy one and the remaining quantity will receive a 2$ discount.

    3. To one unit the other desired amount is discounted.
      Buy 10 units and receive the 11th for free.

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