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Register my business on PivoHub

Is it your first time working with PivoHub platform as a retailer? Do you want to connect with suppliers on PivoHub? You’ll need to set up an account for your business. Don’t worry, it’s easy and only takes a few steps:

How to sign up on PivoHub for free:

  1. Navigate to and click on the login button (top right corner), then choose “sign-up”

  2. To create an account you’ll need

    • a professional email address

    • the name and physical address of your business

    • your liquor permit* number (if applicable)

    • a strong password

  3. Verify your email

    • If you’re new to PivoHub, a verification email will be sent to your inbox.

    • Click the verification link in the email to activate your account

Once your account is activated, log in and complete your business profile.

*Note that a liquor permit number is required to purchase alcoholic products in certain regions. Your suppliers may request your permit number.

Register your Business on PivoHub

Confirm your business location

After selecting ‘I am a retailer,’ you will be prompted to enter your business' physical address. If your business does not exist in our database but found on the map, you may proceed to the next step by clicking on the map popup window “Yes that’s my business”.

On the next page, you may be asked to confirm if your business is a new or existing business.

  • In the first case, click on “Create a new account” and start you journey on PivoHub by filling out additional information.

  • If your business is already on this page, click on its name to submit an access request to your administrator or our support team. It will be approved promptly. This method ensures that the account is accessed by the right people.

A supplier or a member of your team may have already created an account for your business to manage your orders. In this case, don’t hesitate to contact our support team or your account administrator.

Set up your profile

During the setup of your business profile, consider filling in as many fields as possible. This will enhance your experience on the platform and help your future suppliers find all the information they need.

  • Company name

    • This field is required to continue with your setup

    • This is the individual public name of your business.

    • If you have multiple stores with the same name, enter the corresponding chain name in the Group name field

  • Business category

  • On-premise consumption (OPC)

    • Check this box if your business offers on-site consumption (bar, terrace, restaurant, etc.)

  • Contact email 

    • This field is required to continue with your setup

    • Please use a professional email. It will be used to send you communications, supplier invoices, and notifications

  • Contact name

  • Public phone number

    • This phone number will be displayed publicly to anyone that accesses your profile.

  • Phone number

    • This phone number will be displayed only to companies you have an agreement with.

  • Website URL

    • To help people identify your business on the world wild web

    • It will be displayed in your explore Profile as well

Define your shipping and billing adresses

In the last section, you have the option to specify your shipping address and delivery information if they differ from your main address.

  • By checking the “Same as the main address” box, you can indicate that your shipping address is identical to your primary contact details.

  • Additionally, you can define your billing contact information if it is different from your main contact information.

    • This includes providing a separate billing email, phone number, and address, which will be shared with your connections for invoicing purposes.

    • If your billing information matches the main contact information, simply check the “My billing information is the same as above” box.

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