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A product's price is tied to its size and can have discounts applied to them (through sales rules). The price is displayed on the marketplace.

Pricing per product

  1. Price: The base price that will be displayed. This base price is subject to change if sales rules are applied.

  2. Taxes are applied by default based on the location of the company. The options are:

    1. Tax Exempt

    2. Provincial & Federal

    3. Provincial tax only

    4. Federal tax only

  3. A suggested retail price can be recommended and a profit margin can be used to set this MSRP.

  4. Special prices: Here is a list of all the sales rules that are applied which affect the final sale price. From here you can access the list of existing sales rules or create a new one to suit your needs.

Defining a Suggested Retail Price will help inform buyers and their point-of-sale integrations of the ideal price for this product. Additionally, this will include your product in advanced filters in the buyer's marketplace.

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