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Collaborate with a distributor

The relationship between the supplier and the distributor is crucial for smooth and efficient operations. Let's demystify the use of PivoHub for this collaboration.

Different ways to use Pivo based on the distributor

There are as many ways to use PivoHub as there are PivoHub users, and this also applies to distributors.

  • Some distribution companies do not have a PivoHub account; they request access to their supplier partners' accounts and manage directly within those accounts.

  • Other distribution companies utilize PivoHub for managing all their operations. From their account, they have access to all orders to be delivered to their customers.

  • Finally, some distribution companies do not use PivoHub. If this is the case with the company you are dealing with, you will need to agree on an external method outside of PivoHub to send them the orders you receive.

Inventory and warehouses

Inventory Transfers

Here are the steps to transfer inventory to your distributor's warehouse:

Step 1: From your Inventory page, add your inventory to your warehouse.

Step 2: Go to the Transfers tab.

From the Transfers tab, you can access the history of transfers that have taken place in this account.

Step 3: Click the Create button, then fill out the inventory form. Click Send once the form is completed.

You can also use the Save button to create a transfer that you are not ready to send immediately. You can send it when you are ready!

Editable Inventory

Depending on the agreement with the distributor, you may have the ability to edit the distributor's inventory from your Inventory page without going through a transfer.

Step 1: Click on the pencil icon next to the product you wish to modify the inventory for.

Step 2: If the inventory is editable, you will be able to modify it directly in the inventory box.

If the inventory is non-editable, you will not be able to modify it there.

By default, the inventory is non-editable. If your distributor agrees to give you access to edit it, contact us at, and we will arrange that for you!

Product Availability

By default, availability is linked to the distributor assigned to the retailer. This means that retailers only have access to products in the warehouse of the assigned distributor.

If you want your retailers to have access to both the distributor's warehouse and your local warehouse, contact us at

How to determine the distributor assigned to a retailer?

The information is in the Distributor column on the Retailers page.

You can also use the filter to choose to display only retailers associated with a distributor.

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How to check availability by distributor?

On the Price & Availability page, use the dropdown menu Available when distributed by... to display availability by distributor.

Updating Order/Invoice Statuses

Changing the statuses of an order can be managed by you, your distributor, or your representative depending on the agreement you have with them. It is important that everyone's roles are clear to avoid oversights and customer dissatisfaction.

How to know my roles and those of my distributor?

  1. Directly communicate with your distributor. If they already use PivoHub, they can explain their usual operations.

  2. Contact us at, and we will take the time to understand your situation and guide you on the best way to operate based on your case.

  3. Keep an eye on your Orders, PivoHub will notify you when there are overdue actions. This will help prevent oversights and clarify roles as needed.

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