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The Clients module shows your retailers in a list view and on a map. You can also explore prospective "non-clients" on the map!


Here you can over view all of the clients you have an agreement with. Each client has a current status of the agreement request, the attributed group, and wether they offer on premiss consumption.

Using the svgviewer-png-output.png icon will open the client’s page where modification can be brought.

Retailer Information Sheet

  1. Details: Display all the information concerning your relations

  2. Contacts: A List of all of your main point of contact to reach your client.

  3. Groups: You can manage what group your client belongs to, from this page you can also override the group settings and attribute custom settings that will be applied uniquely to that client.

  4. Chat: Here you can communicate directly with the client through the application.

  5. History: A complete history of the interactionsa with the company is displayed here. Here you can also create new tasks to be sent to the company.

  6. Financials: In order, your total sales to the client, amount of individual orders completed, and the amount of money that has yet to be payed.

  7. Agreement: Agreements are established between the seller and customer and have to be approved to be active. Here is dispalyed the current state of the agreement and when it was approved.

8. Distributor: Sets the default distributor for the client’s orders.

9. Information: These settings will only appear on your side and will not modify the clients account directly. Alternative business name will modify the customers name on your paperwork. Notes can also be applied to the client for future reference, these notes only appear in this menu.



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