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The availability of a product is the amount you have in inventory in stock across your warehouses to be sold to your clients. Alternatively a product’s availability can be set to infinite if you would like the orders to pass through wether or not it is in stock.

  1. The available products can be set the current amount or to unlimited (∞).

  2. Visibility: The product will be sold to anyone by default and will display a “Sold out“ once the inventory reaches 0. The other options are

    1. Visible only for …: Will only display the product for the selected clients and/or groups.

    2. Invisible for…: The product will be visible for everyone the selected clients and/or groups.

    3. Displayed as sold out: Will be displayed as sold out an unavailable for purchase.

    4. Invisible for everyone: Cannot be seen in the market placed.

  3. Allocation per group: Reserve a select stock to be purchased by a group. Priority is also applied per group

  4. Maximum per order: There is a default maximum that is applied to everyone. Maximums can also be applied to group individually.

  5. A product can also be deactivated on this page.

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