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Add or change your company description

This article explains how to add or change the slogan and company description on the profile page (in both languages).

Step 1: Go to the profile & products page and click on the 'Edit' button

Step 2: Enter a slogan and a company description in the 'Slogan' and 'Description' fields

Step 3: Click on 'Save' to save the settings

Adding a slogan and description in English

You can also add a slogan and description in English. These will be displayed automatically for users who use the platform in English.

💡 If you add the information in only one language (either in French or English), it will be displayed by default for all users.


Step 1: Check the en-CA radio buttons in the 'Slogan' and 'Descriptions' fields

Step 2: Enter the English version of the slogan and a description

Step 3: Click 'Save' to save the settings

The brackets next to en-CA and fr-CA indicate that a slogan or description has been saved in that language. 

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