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Let's add retailers!

The final step, but not the least: adding retailers to your account!

You have several options for adding retailers: 

Bulk addition of your current clients

The customer success manager assisting you with your onboarding on PivoHub can help you with bulk addition of your current clients.

If you already have a list of your clients in CSV format that includes at least the business name and its complete postal address, you can send it to us so we can add it to your account.

You can also use this template. 

Send my list

Gradual addition of retailers

You can manually add retailers to your account from your Retailers tab. 

Step 1: Go to the clients page and click on the Add a client button. 

Step 2: Start typing the name or address of the retailer in the search bar and select the retailer you want to add.

Step 3: Add the missing information to the form.

Step 4: Click Send

Before a new retailer can view your products and place orders with you, they must first accept the connection request

The different connection states and their meanings:

  • Ongoing proposal: You have sent a connection request to a retailer, who can accept or reject it.

  • Request pending: A merchant has sent you a connection request. You can accept or reject this request.

  • Active: The connection request has been accepted, and the connection is now active.

  • Inactive: The connection request has been rejected or is no longer active.

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